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Application of Hydroxytyrosol in the Functional Foods Field: From Ingredient to Dietary Supplements

Abstract Hydroxytyrosol (HT) is an amphipathic functional phenol found in the olive tree, both in its leaves and fruits, in free or bound forms, as well as in olive oil and by-products of olive oil manufacture. The European Food Safety Authority recommends regular consumption of HT due to its several beneficial effects on human health, […]

March 12, 2023

Hydroxytyrosol in the Prevention of the Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders

Abstract Virgin olive oil (VOO) constitutes the main source of fat in the Mediterranean diet. VOO is rich in oleic acid, displaying health-promoting properties, but also contains minor bioactive components, especially phenolic compounds. Hydroxytyrosol (HT), the main polyphenol of olive oil, has been reported to be the most bioactive component. This review aims to compile […]


Oleic Acid and Hydroxytyrosol Inhibit Cholesterol and Fatty Acid Synthesis in C6 Glioma Cells

Abstract Recently, the discovery of natural compounds capable of modulating nervous system function has revealed new perspectives for a healthier brain. Here, we investigated the effects of oleic acid (OA) and hydroxytyrosol (HTyr), two important extra virgin olive oil compounds, on lipid synthesis in C6 glioma cells. OA and HTyr inhibited both de novo fatty […]

Impact of phenolic-rich olive leaf extract on blood pressure, plasma lipids and inflammatory markers: a randomised controlled trial

Abstract Purpose: Dietary polyphenols have been demonstrated to favourably modify a number of cardiovascular risk markers such as blood pressure (BP), endothelial function and plasma lipids. We conducted a randomised, double-blind, controlled, crossover trial to investigate the effects of a phenolic-rich olive leaf extract (OLE) on BP and a number of associated vascular and metabolic […]


Hydroxytyrosol: A natural compound with promising pharmacological activities

Abstract Hydroxytyrosol is a phenolic phytochemical with antioxidant properties in vitro. It is a natural compound that can be found in olive leaves and oil. The main dietary source of hydroxytyrosol is extra virgin olive oil. Due to its bioavailability, chemical properties and easy formulation along with its lack of toxicity, hydroxytyrosol is considered an […]


Extra virgin olive oil: More than a healthy fat

Abstract The beneficial effects of a Mediterranean diet on human health and, in particular, on lowering risk of cardiovascular disease, has been mainly attributed to its high content to extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). While its main fatty acid, oleic acid, is considered important to these effects, EVOO has other biological properties that depend on, […]

Olive oil consumption and its repercussions on lipid metabolism

Abstract Consumption of highly processed foods, such as those high in trans fats and free sugars, coupled with sedentarism and chronic stress increases the risk of obesity and cardiometabolic disorders, while adherence to a Mediterranean diet is inversely associated with the prevalence of such diseases. Olive oil is the main source of fat in the […]


Potential Health Benefits of Olive Oil and Plant Polyphenols

Abstract Beneficial effects of natural plant polyphenols on the human body have been evaluated in a number of scientific research projects. Bioactive polyphenols are natural compounds of various chemical structures. Their sources are mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, roots, bark, leaves of different plants, herbs, whole grain products, processed foods (dark chocolate), as well […]


Scientific Opinion onthe substantiation of health claims related to polyphenolsin oliveandprotection of LDL particles from oxidative damage (ID 1333, 1638, 1639, 1696, 2865), maintenance of normal blood HDL-cholesterol concentrations(ID 1639), maintenance of normal blood pressure (ID 3781), “anti-inflammatory properties” (ID 1882), “contributes to the upper respiratory tract health” (ID 3468), “can help to maintain a normal function of gastrointestinal tract” (3779),and “contributesto body defences against external agents” (ID 3467)pursuant to Article 13(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006

Scientific Opinion on the substantiation of health claims related to polyphenols in olive and protection of LDL particles from oxidative damage (ID 1333, 1638, 1639, 1696, 2865), maintenance of normal blood HDL cholesterol concentrations (ID 1639), maintenance of normal blood pressure (ID 3781), “anti-inflammatory properties” (ID 1882), “contributes to the upper respiratory tract health” (ID […]

Hydroxytyrosol: Bioavailability, toxicity, and clinical applications

Abstract Many beneficial properties have been attributed to the Mediterranean diet. Over the years, researchers have attempted to learn which foods and which food components are responsible for good health. One of these components is hydroxytyrosol, an important phenolic compound present in olive oil. Hydroxytyrosol is a molecule of high interest to the pharmaceutical industry due to […]

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